Monday, January 18, 2016

Grrrrrrr....those raccoons

When I arrived to feed Ollie and Spirit their dinner last night I discovered a raccoon had moved into Ollie's sleeping shelter sometime during the day!


Ollie came from the lumberyard when I called the cats which surprised me.  A few minutes later I saw a little raccoon poke his head out of Ollie's shelter.  There are lots of sleeping shelters but Ollie only uses the same shelter she has been using since I built them back in 2008.

Green pine boughs (upper picture) marks entrance to
Ollie's sleeping shelter.  Black boxes are new shelters.
Burlap covers Ollie's feeding shelter

This morning I was relieved to see Ollie come out of Spirit's former sleeping shelter (not pictured)when I arrived to feed breakfast.  It is much too cold for the cats and shelters are so necessary right now.  Before I left, Ollie went back into Spirit's shelter with a full tummy.

I also got a whiff of skunk this morning while feeding.  I could hear men working in the lumberyard and was wondering if they may have disturbed a skunk.  If it's not one thing it's another ..........

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  1. Poor Ollie. Yes, it is far too cold for them to be without shelter. This cold could kill them if they don't have somewhere to keep warmer. I feel so sorry for ferals. And, so many don't have a kind person like you helping them. It's a shame and never seems to change.