Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ollie has her shelter back

Yesterday morning I was happy to see Ollie come out of her usual sleeping shelter and again today.

About 6 weeks ago I noticed Spirit was not sleeping in his shelter and I'm pretty sure it is because the raccoon had moved in.  Spirit has been known to use a few different shelters so I never worried about him and he is now using one of the new shelters.  There are only two cats but I have 6 sleeping shelters.

Today I placed a few twigs in front of Spirit's old shelter and if they're moved when I return I'll know the raccoon is sleeping in there.  Hmmmmmmm.......or maybe the possum is in there!

Entrance to Spirit's former shelter with twigs
in opening

Spirit's shelter right foreground
Ollie looking on

Tonight when I returned to feed the cats their dinner the twigs had been pushed out so the raccoon had come out of the shelter sometime during the day.  While Ollie and Spirit were eating we all heard a noise from above and there was the raccoon hanging over the edge of the roof.  He stayed up there long enough for the cats to finish dinner and allow me to pack up before he started coming down the tree.

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