Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Winston is a black tom that made an appearance recently at another colony I'm helping out at.  He seemed quite relaxed when I came near but then I had bowls of food which he wanted.  I was happy to see him the next couple of days and each time he would come closer and closer.  He even allowed me to pet him while he was eating and he didn't flinch.

About the 4th day he came right over to the van and helped himself to the food as I was preparing it.  At this point I thought he might be easy to trap so he could be neutered.  The following day Robin and I met at the colony.  While Robin was setting the trap Winston strolled over as if to ask, "whatcha doin'?"  Within two minutes Winston was in the trap.  Wow that was easy.

Winston has now been neutered and an abscess that we didn't know about on his cheek has been looked after.  He is enjoying his recovery with Michelle.  And it turns out that Winston is not feral at all.  He's quite the sweetheart climbing into laps and purring.  Sure makes me wonder how he came to be living outside but his future looks a whole lot better.   

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