Monday, February 15, 2016

Lini McSweety

In an earlier post I mentioned a cat named Winston who had been removed from a colony I help out at.  Winston turned out to be a really sweet kitty who loves people.

Lini is another kitty from this same colony.  She started rubbing against my legs and begging for affection when I came to feed.  Getting her to eat was a bit of a challenge.  She wanted attention, lots and lots of attention.  

Recently Robin and I tried to trap her.  Our first attempt was on a miserable pouring rain afternoon and we almost had her.  The next attempt, we again almost had her but she didn't go quite far enough into the trap.  Today I tried and was successful in less than a minute.  I just set the trap up in my van and when Lini jumped in to see what sort of eats I was preparing I kinda of gently pushed her and I had her in the trap.  Two hours later she was in her new foster home.  

We are hoping she will adapt well to indoor life so we can find her a home of her very own and no more cold wet nights outside.  


  1. That is great news. It almost sounds like some of these kitties had a home before and perhaps got left to fend for themselves. I get so mad at people that do that.