Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Feral Baby Cats - part two

A week after Turtle left for his wonderful forever home I got an email from Robin saying she had seen another little kitten at the same location Turtle was from. She needed to know if I was willing to take in another kitten to love, socialize and foster. Of course I would. The alternative would have been to leave him with the colony to grow up and become feral. The next day I got a phone call letting me know that the kitten, Pumpkin, had been caught and they were on the way to our house.

Pumpkin arrived a scared, dirty little fellow about 10 weeks old. He was actually a very gentle kitten compared to some I have fostered in the past. I was holding him within a few hours of his arrival but he wasn't really sure about this contact.

A week after Pumpkin's arrival my husband, Mike, and I were going to be away for the weekend visiting friends on their farm and Pumpkin came with us. He was a good little traveller and slept for the entire two and a half hour trip there and again on the return. He was a good little guest too and loved all the cuddles he was getting from everyone.

Upon our return we decided he should have more freedom to run around so we gave him the whole first floor during the day and at night he was lose in the master bedroom. I loved waking up in the morning to find Pumpkin curled up sleeping next to me.

During the last week we had this wee tiny treasure, he became more and more confident. Boomer again was a great little playmate for this kitten as well. I would never leave them unsupervised because sometimes Boom got a little too rough and I had to step in, although Pumpkin never seemed to be afraid. He was ready to go right back at it with Boomer at the first opportunity.

I don't know what vibes Mike gives off but every cat or kitten loves to sleep on him. Everytime I bring a new foster home (and this has been going on for about 6 or 7 years) all kittens climb on Mike's lap and go to sleep. Pumpkin is not different. Good thing Mike is as soft in the head as I am about kitties because he loves having fosters around and is sad when they leave.

After two weeks of living and loving Pumpkin he went to his forever home. It was a very tearful good bye but I know he has gone to a wonderful new home with three other kitties, all of them girls. I heard that one of those kitties has turned into a mother kitty since Pumpkin's arrival, which is just great. I hope that I get updates on Pumpkin's life and photos as he grows into a big kitty. He was such a treat to have for those two weeks and I will think of him often.

Boomer and his little orangey buddy Pumpkin in one of the only pictures I got of the two of them sitting quietly together. I love this photo.

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