Monday, November 8, 2010

Little Sophie - Day 3

Poor little Sophie. She looks so sad and I think she is feeling bad too. Her wounds don't look any better today but I don't think they are any worse. She got an antibiotic shot on Saturday and I am assuming it is like antibiotic pills which take about 48 hours to start working. She is eating less today than she did yesterday and I am not sure what to make of this. I tried heating her food up and think she ate a little of that but will try another kind of food that smells a little stronger to see if that will entice her.

Sophie is very thin and I would guess that she probably weighs about 6 lbs at the most. The vet did say he thought she was injured about a week before she was trapped so she may not have eaten much for quite a few days.

She has spent the majority of her day sleeping/resting on top of the cat carrier in her cage. I'm glad she feels comfy enough to come out instead of hiding at the back of the carrier.

Hugs and love to you sweet Sophie

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  1. Hi Boomie's mom. You are a super lady the way you love all the kitties that pass through your life. Purrs from the Meow_Girls and Human Kathy