Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sohie, the Tortie

Tonight I received another phone call from Robin. One of the little kitties in her colony was at the vet's office being treated for some injuries she sustained. Was I willing to keep Sophie while she recovered from these injuries. Silly question, of course she could come here to recouperate.

Sophie was spayed a few months ago and returned to the maintained colony. She is thought to be about two years old and is very feral. No one knows how she got these injuries but the vet feels that it happened about a week ago. I don't have to do anything special for Sophie while she is recovering other than to feed her and keep her litter box clean. She was given an antibiotic shot which lasts for about 2 weeks and the vet recommended a high calorie diet for her while she is getting better.

In the few hours since her arrival she has been very quiet, which I expected. I was glad to see that she has eaten a little food, but not very much. And I have given her a few of Boomer's special cat treats to enjoy.

So for the next 7 to 10 days she will live in our guest room in a large cage where she can rest and get better before being returned to her colony.

If I can get a picture or two of Sophie I will post on the blog, but she will probably spend all her recovery time in the cat carrier that is inside the cage because she will feel safest there.


  1. It's lovely that you're taking care of her my friend, I hope she recovers quickly.

  2. Sophie is very lucky! I love torties, hope to see a pic ;)

  3. Connie - you do such great work with the feral kitties. Thank you on behalf of dem since they can't say it themselves.