Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sophie, The Tortie - Day 4

I am heaving a small sigh of relief. Sophie seems to have turned a corner in her recovery. Yesterday I went in to see her early in the morning but she was not looking too good. She actually seemed a little bit worse than the day before. The only good thing is she was still eating a little bit of food.

I cleaned her cage and litter box, and gave her a fresh towel for the top of her carrier. When I came back into the room with her food she was on top of the carrier and I could see that some of her wounds were draining and making little puddles on the towel. If Sophie wasn't feral I would wash her wounds to help the healing process but there is no way I can touch her.

Around noon I was even more concerned for Sophie so got in touch with Robin who cares for the colony Sophie comes from. Robin put in a call to the vet who had treated her on Saturday evening and he recommended another type of antibiotic. I took off for the vet's office with hopes that this pill would be the magic we needed to help speed her recovery. I also stopped off at the store to pick up some food that Robin recommended, Fancy Feast Liver and Chicken.

Whenever I have had a problem with one of the ferals in my colony, I have had no problem getting them to take a pill. I give them a small amount of food with the pill inside and they always eat it up. Sophie on the other hand was really cagey. She managed to eat around it on the first two attempts, so I tried crushing a pill in a small amount of food. Well she hardly ate that at all. I even got some suggestions from anipals on Twitter - thank you.
This morning little Sophie didn't look much better. She was tucked way at the back of her carrier and even with a bowl of fresh food just warmed in the microwave she still wasn't too interested. I left her for a little while. When I returned a few hours later she had eaten some of the food, which was good because I had crushed her pill in it. I have also been adding a little water to her food to help keep her hydrated. I gave her more food and left her again.

About 2:00 this afternoon I gave her another fresh bowl of food and when I returned it was empty, so I gave her another bowl and this time crushed a pill and again she ate everything. I prepared another bowl of food and she has been eating that too. Before I go to bed I will give her more food to get her through the night and my fingers are crossed that she cleans that bowl too.


  1. Bless you goodest mom. I am so happy that Sophie is with you and you are caring for her. Hug Hug Hug

  2. You are such an angel on earth my friend. Thank you for looking after the ones that need it most.