Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jag my feral and Howie my foster

Thursday I was able to catch Jag and get her to the vet.  I strongly suspected she had a dental issue and I was right.

Friday Jag had all her teeth removed, except for her canines.   Her gums and teeth were in really bad condition.  After her surgery the vet called me to let me know what he had done and we discussed what to do next.  He said he felt Jag was not "that feral" and he is correct, she isn't, with me.  I can pet her and I groom her but when it comes to other people I'm not sure how she will respond.


Initially the plan was that I would pick Jag up, keep her overnight and return her to the colony tomorrow morning.  After some thought I realized I can keep Jag in my (borrowed) dog kennel in our garage. So today I got everything set up with the litter box, a bed along with food and water bowls.

Tonight I went to pick Jag up from the clinic.  She is now in the dog kennel, has eaten a little wet food and used the litter box.  She allowed me to scratch the top of her beautiful black head and I groomed her a little too.  Much to my delight, she began to purr and even rolled over on her side.  Guess I am going to be spending a lot of time in the garage with sweet Jag and hopefully she will recover quickly so she can return to the colony and be with Ollie, Doodle and Spirit.

This morning Howie went off to an adoptathon and I was sure he was not going to come back to me.  I felt he would be adopted - but he wasn't.  At 5:00 I left home to go back to pick him. 

When I dropped Howie off this morning the poor sweet baby was put in a cage with a cushy bed, litter box, food and water and he began to shake.  OMG. It was heartbreaking.  I had to leave and Howie needed to find a forever home.

I returned to pick Howie up with mixed feelings.  I was sad no one thought he was the cutest lil fella and wanted to take him home but I was happy to be bringing him back to his foster home.  He was one very tired wee kitten.  He ate then climbed into his bed for a sleep.  An hour later he was up and racing around but he is now down for the count again.  He is curled up sleeping next to me as I sit in bed writing this blog.

Sleepy Howie
Tomorrow is another day.  I hope for a simple day, one without my heart getting twisted and tugged at, but that would mean not having all these wonder kitties in my life. I love all my kitties so much. Hug hug hug sweeties.


  1. Awwwwe, Howie is adorable. I can't imagine why he wasn't adopted. I'm sure he will be tho because kitten are in more demand that older cats like me. You have had quite the few days. HUGS from M.

  2. I so glad you got jag into vet and she lnows you love her and take care of her til she go back to colony.

    Poor lil Howie but glad he back with you. He looks so much like annie sparkles he could be her fur wee one.

    Hug hug hug
    Goodest bestest floofiestness