Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jag my beautiful black kitty


Today I had to help Jaggy cross the Rainbow Bridge.  She had cancer and was in pain so from that point of view the decision was easy.  What made it difficult is that earlier today she seemed so bright and responsive to me.

Three weeks ago I was able to catch Jaggy so that I could bring her home but not before going to the vet.  I was told that the problem could be an abscess or a tumor.  Of course I hoped it was an abscess.  It made more sense to me that it would be an abscess.


A week later Jag and I returned to the vet but there really hadn't been any improvement.  Her left eye was still swollen almost shut, she had an abrasion above her eye and there was yucky stuff in her left ear.  A swab was taken to see if we needed to put her on a stronger antibiotic.

This past Sunday I felt she was not doing well.  I called the vet Monday and because I wanted Jag to see the same vet who had been caring for her I had to wait until today.  It was decided to see if the new lump below her ear was an abscess.  I left Jag with the vet to do what he needed to do and returned a few hours later.

I learned that Jag's orbital bone had disintegrated and that her TMJ was fused so that opening her mouth, even under sedation, was not happening.  I asked if this was causing her pain and when the vet said yes I couldn't allow her to suffer further.  The vet was amazed she was able to eat at all but she did.

Jag and Ollie

In the past two weeks Jag's appetite was unbelievable. She ate so much food and as long as she was eating I thought she was doing well.  That she might get better.  She had even gained weight.  Every time I went into my guest room to spend time with Jaggy she purred.  She started purring immediately upon being touched. 

I'm so sorry Jaggy that you had to be so sick but I'm grateful for the past three weeks we got to spend so much time together.  I am also grateful that I got to give you a warm home to spend your last few weeks.  You were so loved for all 12 years that I cared for you.  I miss you very much sweetie.


  1. So sorry for your loss, Connie. You are such a sweetheart. Jag was so blessed that you were there for her. Take care.

  2. Love to you, Connie. So sorry about Jaggy. Big hugs

  3. Connie & Boomie, so sorry to read about Jaggy. Thanks fur all you've done fur Jag & the other kitties. #RunFree Jag.
    WeK & Isagold xox