Saturday, January 3, 2015

Jag - The Ups and Downs

For some reason I feel like Jag has been with us for much longer than 72 hours.  She has been a model patient.  She comes out of her heated carrier every time I go to see her.  She has allowed me to wash her eye with warm water, purring the whole time.  I applied a topical solution to the raw wound on her head, which I believe she caused by scratching, and she was very accepting of my help.

My biggest concern aside from the serious infection, is her eating and drinking.  Yesterday she ate very little and I was thinking sad thoughts about The Bridge, but I wasn't ready to give up.  Last night I struck upon the thought to weigh the bowls of food before I gave them to her.  This way I could get a more accurate idea of her consumption.

When I went to see her early this morning I was pleased to see she had eaten some of the food left overnight - 35 grams worth.  Not enough to sustain her but she ate.  While fixing her breakfast I decided to try pouring just the water from the canned (people) tuna in with a little wet cat food to make a slurry.  It worked. She ate.  
Jag ate!

In the past 7 hours she has eaten just over 100 grams of slurry.  Almost half of that was what I call a "tuna shake". I threw a can of tuna in the blender with water and when I took a bowl to Jag she went right to it.  I'm now more encouraged.  

I have special feline vitamins from the vet that I mixed in with the tuna shake because I know she is not going to get all the minerals and vitamins she requires.  Next meal I will add a little wet cat food with the tuna shake and if she continues to eat she will have a much better chance at recovery.  She cannot return to the colony until she is 100%.

Next meal is in two hours and I will try adding a little bit of wet cat food to Jag's tuna shake.  

Nom nom nom

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