Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Dear Sweet Doodle Noodle

Last week when I renovated Doodle's winter sleeping shelter I had no idea that a few days later it would no longer be needed.

Friday I went to feed the East Side Gang with the intent of trying to get Doodle into the carrier so I could bring him home.  He wasn't eating.  This wasn't unusual because he was often a poor eater during the winter months.

Last night he went into respiratory distress.  The vet examined him and we talked but ultimately I decided to help Doodle over the Rainbow Bridge.  Doodle's future didn't look promising and the vet said he might not survive the night.

Doodle was my favourite "feral". He and FJ (she died in January 2013) were the sweetest little cats and I loved them so much because they let me kiss them and hug them and groom them.  They came to greet me when I arrived with food.  They loved the attention and both were so affectionate.

This morning when I feed the East Side Gang, now consisting of two remaining kitties, I know I am going to break down.  Seeing Doodle's empty shelter is going to be difficult to look at.

I love you so much Doodle Noodle.  You were a very special little cat.

Doodle checking out his new digs last Monday

Enjoying a little summer sun
July 2014

Summer snoose

The new winter sleeping shelter for Doodle, Jag
and Ollie

Doodle and Jag November 2014

Doodle loved to be loved
Note the wee bit of food on lower lip

Enjoying warm Snuggle Safes

Doodle made a bed from the leftover straw
used to the sleeping shelters

A special dinner for my special buddy


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  1. Oh goodest bestest thank you for all you do with ferals. Doodle was speshul lil cat glad he in house last while. I take care of Doodle Noodle warm hug hug hug

    Love Goodest floofiestness
    Hug hug hug