Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cinder, Our Little Black Foster

Last night I met Cinder for the first time.  She is a dear little 14 week old (this is a best guess) black kitten that was removed from a feral colony last week.  She is quite friendly, once she gets in a half hearted hiss, which I think is more for effect and then she instantly purrs when touched.

On the drive from her first foster home to our house this dear little kitty cried the entire time but stopped as soon as we were parked in the driveway.  Guess she is not fond of car rides.

Once in the door, Boomer and Annie Sparkles came running to meet Cinder who was not too impressed with these two new faces staring at her through the carrier door.  Cinder hissed and did a little growl which sent Annie fleeing while Boomer sat there looking at her in wonder.

I got Cinder settled in her new temporary digs, the kitten cage.  She ate the food I gave her and aside from the occasional hiss every time I go into the room, she appeares to be quite relaxed.

This afternoon Cinder got to meet Annie again and she was very unsure but Annie was very quiet and calm and then Cinder seemed to relax.  I am still amazed at how good Annie is with new kittens.

And, of course, since Cinder arrived she has been given many kisses on the top of her little head. If a kitty lives in this house, even when it is temporary, they get oodles of kisses between their ears.


  1. Oh what a sweet lil kitteh Cinder Cinderella I do know Boomie and Annie be getting along real well hug hug hug what a sweet girl

    your goodest bestest friend
    hug hug hug

  2. We get those kind of kisses as well... *sigh* Humans.