Friday, July 6, 2012

Good News! Bad News! ! Great News! ! !

What a week! 

Pixie and Bear, my two sweet foster kittens found a home together and left with their new mom this past Monday.  I provided all their medical records, food, toys and treats plus written information about the kittens such as where they came from, their birthday (which is always a best guess) and any other fun tid bits of info that I hope their new family will appreciate knowing. I like as much information as possible when we welcome a new kitty into our family and assume others do as well.

We were sad to see Pixie Chick and Bear Boy go but full of hope for their future together with their new mom.  Yesterday I arrived home mid afternoon to a message from their new mom.  She no longer wanted the kittens.  Gasp!  I will not tell you what she planned to do but it was drastic. Three hours later, Pixie and Bear were in my lap purring up a storm on the drive home - I should mention my husband was doing the driving.

The search was on again to find the truly perfect home for these two adorable babies.  In the meantime, Annie and Boomie seemed very happy that their little buddies were home.  Annie played with them for hours last night.  The three of them raced up the stairs, down the stairs, over the living room furniture, under the dining room table, up the stairs, over the beds. How is that 3 little kitties can sound like a herd of 15 elephants.  OMG but they were having a faboo time.

They stopped briefly allowing me to take this picture
Neither Pixie or Bear has said anything about their 72 hours away but I wonder how I could have made such a horrible mistake, which could have been made even more horrible had this woman not called me with her plans for MY sweet babies.

This morning my friend, Robin, was doing a poster blitz at various vet offices and pet supply stores placing posters for some other kittens looking for homes.  She  also had a poster for Bear Boy and Pixie Chick.

One of Robin's stops today was at the vet clinic we both go to with our own cats.  Turns out that one of the vet tech's at the clinic and his girlfriend had wanted to adopt Pixie but by the time they made it known the kittens had been adopted.  They were very disappointed.  When Robin dropped off the poster about Pixie and Bear being available again Spencer made his move. 

I was out most of today and Spencer had left me a couple of messages at home saying he wanted to adopt both kittens. He wasn't going to waste a moment and lose out a second time. As it turned out, I had to stop at the clinic on an unrelated matter.  When I walked in the door Ashley, another vet tech, had a big smile on her face and told me she had some good news.  Just then Spencer came around the corner.  When I was told that Spencer wanted to adopted both Pixie and Bear, I threw my arms around him and gave him a big hug. 

We have Pixie and Bear until Monday afternoon.  Spencer is coming over when he finishes work and my two babies will be off to their new forever home. And the really nice thing for me is that I know I will get to hear how my babies are doing when I am at the clinic with Boomer, Annie and Teika.  And I know my babies will get the proper medical care they need, they will get their vaccinations when necessary and will be spayed and neutered.  Funny how things work out sometimes.

Twenty-four hours ago I was rescuing my little babies and bringing them home.  Now I am doing a happy dance knowing this home is the right home.  Yay Spencer and thank you.  Hug hug hug.


  1. Omc this is the besy news thank cat she call and now they has best forever home. This is one u can be assure they take such good care yay

    I so happy for pix n bear
    Your goodest bestest friends
    Holliecat..mama and wee ones

    Hug hug hug and more hugs

  2. OMC this is the best news. I not sure if other commenty made it or not, I was on android paw. I so so happy that Pix n bear found a new furever home. I just so happy they will has proper care and medical care too yay Amazing how things work out and so thankful that you collected pix n bear so fast. Happy kitteh dance hug hug hug

    love your goodest bestest friends
    holliecat, mama and wee ones

  3. Omgudness! I glad pixie and bear fownd happy home. Big hugs to you all

  4. I didn't know you had a blog! This is great news and so is that the kitties are going to a good home. I enjoyed reading this cos I'm working on a blog about frostering kitties.