Saturday, July 28, 2012

Freedom for Cinder

Little Cinder arrived late Monday evening at our house.  I got her settled in the kitten cage and let her rest overnight.  Within a couple of days it was time to see how she behaved when given a little more space so she and I went into the bathroom.  She started playing with a toy almost immediately, which was a very good sign.  I wasn't sure if she would try to hide, not that the bathroom offers much in the way of hiding places.  Then Annie joined us and right away Annie began to lick Cinder. 

Last night we turned Cinder lose in the master bedroom, along with Annie and Boomie.  They had an absolute ball.  Cinder was so happy to be out of the kitten cage (I was happy for her as well) and she loved having some playmates.  When it came time to turn off the lights Annie and Boomie got booted out for the night to ensure we humans got a decent sleep. I'm not sure where Cinder slept but she was quiet.

This morning little Cinder had a vet visit to be wormed and when we returned home I turned her lose on the whole house.  She is loving the freedom and I am happy she is not isolated.  The kitten cage is perfect for wee kittens and it was ok for a few days for Cinder while she got used to us.

The next step was for Cinder and Teika to meet.  Teika is a dear little grumpy goose who dislikes all kitties and she is so-so with humans.  It wasn't long before we heard a growl and a hiss and knew that Teika had come downstairs.  She is all hiss and growl when she meets a new kitten - thankfully.  To do anything more would require too much effort on her part.  Cinder took off and Teika just sat on the step pleased that she made Cinder run.

Cinder has two sisters who are being fostered in another home.  They were caught a few weeks before Cinder and are ready to go to a forever home. Here's the link to Robin's blog about Nellie and Stella

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  1. I am so happy Cinder getting used to you. Boomie and Annie you so good with fosters and Tei well you grumpy goose hee awwww such a sweet pic of Cinder and glad she good at vet

    hug hug hug