Friday, October 19, 2012

Busy 24 Hours

It has been a very busy 36 hours or so since the kittens arrived.  At this age they need constant care, so sleep for me is brief.

I did manage to get a few household chores done today, including caring for our four cats.  Then another feeding after which I dashed off to feed my feral cats.  Poor guys are not getting fed until well after noon the past couple of days and I don`t see that changing much in the near future.

When I was walking towards the spot I feed my ferals I came across a young raccoon sitting on the path.  He did not look well and my first thought was this young fellow (or girl) had been poisoned because the lumberyard next door puts out poison for the rats. (my ferals don't touch the rats)

This dear little critter just looked at me but hardly moved.  I had to walk through all the tall overgrowth which is on both sides of the path to get around him.  I fed my ferals then did a quick dash to the grocery store before heading home. 

When I got home the kittens needed to be fed again and I even had a couple of fried eggs.  Hmmmmm....breakfast at 2:30 in the afternoon. 

That done I called animal services to report this little raccoon.  I gave all the information needed, then drove back to were my ferals are to sit and wait for the officer from animal services to arrive.  Wish I had known I was going to have to wait three hours sitting in my car. 

When time started to march on and it was getting dark I called animal services again.  The woman suggested I give her a description of the location of the raccoon.  No way would the animal services officer find the raccoon because now he was hiding in the overgrowth just off the path.  Of course I had not anticipated waiting that long so didn't have a flashlight either.

It was just after 7:00 p.m. when the officer arrived and I took him to the raccoon.  He said he would never have found this little guy on his own if I had left.  The officer said he thinks this little guy has distemper and this was his 5th raccoon today.  I cried all the way home for this little guy.

I flew home because it had now been over 4 hours since the kittens had eaten.  And my fried egg wasn't enough to sustain me for long so dinner was in order.  The kittens were fed but neither ate very well.  Did they feel my stress?  My husband fixed dinner for us and then right after I fed the kittens again.  This time they both ate well and then immediately fell asleep in their laundry basket home.

Trouble (left) and Gingerbum

Time to feed then again, then I am off to bed for a couple hours of shut eye.


  1. The kittens are adorable and you are a dear to take such good care of them. Poor raccoon, but I guess that life when we keep invading their habitat and force them to invade ours. Humans haven't learned to live with wildlife very well yet.

  2. That poor little raccoon. Distemper ravaged the raccoon population here in Nova Scotia, last year. The dear things. That baby one you found, I'd just love to scoop him up in my arms. I know... can't do that... but still, the temptation is there.

    Those kittens are adorable. Glad to hear they ate (the second feeding) and slept well that night.

  3. The poor lil racoon, glad they came to get himz. Trouble and Gingerbum so cute, you taking such good care of them. Gingerbum namesake so proud! Hug hug hug