Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Wee Tiny Treasures Have a Bath

Boomer Cinder & Annie Sparkles checking out
the boys in the box
Gingerbum and Trouble are thriving, which is more than I can say for myself. 

The boys started their morning today with breakfast followed shortly after with their second bath.  The vet can't give them a flea treatment at this tender age so recommended giving them a bath using Dawn dish detergent.  It was then that I recalled seeing commercials on TV for Dawn where ducks and other victims of oil spills are being bathed in Dawn detergent.

Full tummies now snooze time
I warmed dry towels in the dryer and left them there while a kitten was washed in warm water and just a tiny drop of Dawn.  Quick but thorough rinse then grab a warm towel from the dryer and begin the vigorous but gentle rub down.  Next the hair dryer which has a barely warm setting and then another dry warm towel.  All this is done in 5 minutes or less for each kitten.  My biggest concern was that they would become chilled but they didn't.  It seems to be helping get rid of the fleas.  No flea dirt spotted since but another bath will take place, probably on Thursday.

Little Trouble and Gingerbum went to the vet on Saturday morning because they both have issues with their digestive systems and it's messy.  Today the results of their stool sample came back negative for parasites, which is great but they still have issues.

This afternoon Steve, the vet called.  He wants to try them on a probiotic first to see how they respond and I agree.  They are only about 19 days old and putting them on medication could be tricky.  So this afternoon instead of my nap I dashed off to pick up the probiotic that I mix in with their kitten formula.   Now I am keeping my fingers crossed that we see some solid results in the next few days.

In the meantime the boys are growing daily and they are feisty which are encouraging signs that I am doing this right.  I have only hand reared one kitten before and that was Teika, 12 years ago. 


  1. AwwwwThese babies are so precious! I hope the probiotic does the trick. You and Boomie Cinder and Annie Sparkles have lots of kitten raising to do with these two! Hugs!

  2. Hug hug hug. What beautiful pics of Trouble and Gingerbum