Friday, October 26, 2012

RIP My Wee Tiny Treasure Gingerbum

Wednesday morning when I got the kittens up for their 7 a.m. feeding, Gingerbum was having problems with his back legs.  He was unable to walk.  We dashed off to the vet.  He got progressively worse over the next 36 hours and last night just before midnight I knew he was not getting better.  He had lost the use of his back legs completely and was unable to use his bowels.  Gingey and I spent a long sleepless night together.  He cried and so did I.  Gingey was only 22 days old. 
When Gingey crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning he was gently cradled in my hands and I kissed his wee head repeatedly. 
All of these photos were taken yesterday (October 25). 



I may have only known you for 8 days baby Gingerbum but those 8 days I loved you with all my heart.  You are now pain free sweet baby boy. I miss you so much.  Hug hug hug


  1. In the 8 days you knew him, Gingerbum knew he was so loved you did all you could for that sweet baby boy. He is no longer in pain, and I has taken him unner mai paw. He is so lil so he is unner mai paws wherever I go. As you cradled Gingerbum and kiss him I took his paws and kissed his wee head. He will never be alone. Hug hug hug and more hugs for you all.

    Love your goodest bestest floofiestness
    and wee ones

  2. Connie, I don't know how you are able to deal with kitties that go OTRB but you are truly blessed. And the kitties need love. I don't know anyone as loving as you.
    Kathy of Meow_Girls

  3. And I am in tears reading this. Oh I am so sorry he had to fly away. xoxox

  4. Okai now both me n human2 hab beary leaky eyes. Gingerbum u a sweetie pie u iz and always will be!

    HUGS fur lubbin he so much n takin care of he!