Sunday, October 28, 2012

The baby cat is growing up

Trouble is now 24 days old  and he is growing up quickly, thank goodness.  I am so looking forward to the night I can go to bed and sleep right through without having to get up.

This morning after feeding him, I put him on the floor in the kitchen for a little exercise.  After a few minutes I introduced him to a litter box, which is a small aluminium foil roasting pan.  He sat there for a minute or so then climbed out.  I turned my back on him to tidy up the counter area that is Trouble's feeding station and to get it ready for the next feeding.

Trouble started making different meowing sounds and when I turned around I found him standing in a puddle of pee.  So much for litter box training.

After an early afternoon feeding today, I tried him again in the litter box.  Holy moly but it worked.  He pooped.  First he did a little dig dig dig in the clay litter then turned around to position his cute wee butt somewhat in the area of the small hole and did his thing.  Success.  My wee boy is growing up.

Right now Trouble and my husband Mike are stretched out in front of the tv to watch the Buffalo Bills football game, if it isn't rained out! 


  1. Hee hee *giggles* this was cute funny and mol sweet trouble bug hee

    Hug hug hug