Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cinder my (naughty) little black beauty

Cinder is 6 months old today (this is a best guess by the vet).  What a delightful addition she is to our household.  She certainly can be naughty in ways that we have never had to deal with in the past but luckily even her naughtiest antics make me laugh.

The biggest change we have had to adjust to is that we cannot leave people food, specifically meat - raw or cooked, on the counter unattended.  One evening not so long I had some chicken wings marinating on the counter uncovered in a large bowl.  I had my back to the counter and when I turned around there was Cinder nawing on a raw wing.  Yuck.  But I laughed.

A few weeks later this little black beauty jumped on the counter and started licking the ribs we were marinating for our dinner party that evening.  Both my husband and I laughed.  I grabbed her, kissed her sweet head and put her on the floor.  We didn't tell our dinner guests.

Yesterday as I was going out the door to do a few chores I heard a noise but it didn't sound too serious so I ignored it. When I returned home a few hours later this is what I found.

The plant will survive with a little TLC but the lovely hand painted pot is a goner.  I am rather nervous about bringing in the rest of the  house plants that have been outside all summer.  Oh well, Cinder is a dear little cat and she is very loved - more than the plants.


  1. OMC hee hee hee raw meat! MOL one of mai faves! I so glad she with you and she has her furever home with you! She is a naughty lil girl though! From meat to plants hee hee awwwww lots of hug hug hug to Cinder and all of you.

    Goodest Bestest Floofiestness and wee ones and the mama

  2. you are a sweet and precious mommy!
    i love my mommy but I could love you too. xxxooo

  3. She is so cute! Curious George comes to mind. So glad she is has found a wonderful family to entertain :)

  4. I have this strange sense that her bootiful little face will get her out of many a scrape *MOL* We know it helps us to look extra cute around here!