Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Inspector Doodle

Yesterday was day two of the fixing up of winter shelters. I had to remove enough leaves, branches, boards and assorted other items to see how things looked on the inside of the shelters.

I was pleased to see how dry everything is.  I also noticed that one of the kitties has been sleeping in the "hallway" because the straw was flattened.  I don't know for sure but suspect it is Doodle.  I added more fresh straw to the spot.

hallway leading to individual shelters

Here is a shot of the interior of one of sleeping shelters made from Rubbermaid containers, lined with insultating styrofoam which I wrapped in mylar sheets so the cat's body heat is reflected back onto the cat (at least that is my reasoning). 

interior of shelter with woodchip bedding
hallway view with roof removed

Doodle was a huge help while I was trying to check on the shelters.  He was inspecting everything to make sure all five kitties will be cozy and warm when the winds whip the snow around.

Doodle looking down at the extra straw
bedding that has been added to his
hallway sleeping spot

Doodle says it is ok to put everything back together
now and add more straw to the top
As the leaves fall from the trees in my front yard I will take bags full to dump on top of the shelters for added warmth.

I just wish I had a power source so that I could provide a bit of heat for the kitties.  Their fur coats get thicker but there are still days when I can see them shivering and it breaks my heart.


  1. I'm very impressed with the set up you have fixed up. It's amazing how nice it turned out. If it wouldn't be for you, those same kitties would be trying to find a barn somewhere or old abandoned building, etc.

  2. Doodle is such a good inspektor and snoopervisor! You are amazing with your ferals, I know they days is cold, but that provide them more warmth then they would has! Hug hug hug