Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bobsey Goes Home to His Colony

Today I picked Bobsey up from the vet where he has been recovering from his neuter surgery on Monday.  He looked rather frightened when he came out to the front counter in a carrier.  I put him in the back of my van just behind the passenger seat and checked on him at every red light.  He seemed less frightened once we were under way.

Twenty-five minutes later I pulled into the location of his colony.  Just before releasing him I managed to get this one last picture.  When the carrier door was opened he bolted as if shot out of a canon.  Poor little cat.

Bobsey with his back end shaved

While at the vet he was shaved to remove mats from his fur but it looks like he only got shaved from his middle to the puff on the end of his tail.


  1. Thank you goodest bestest friends I hope you see Bobsey brother soon so he can take that trip to vet too

    Hug hug hug
    Goodest bestest floofiestness

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