Saturday, May 10, 2014

Me and Piccolo

I love it when the weather is good and I have time to sit with the kitties.  They get to eat while I sit watching them and talking to them.  It is very peaceful way back between the two buildings on the weekends - most of the time.

Today Ollie, Jag, Spirit and Doodle were all there immediately after I arrived.  I didn't see Piccolo but used my clicker to let him know I had food.  A few minutes later he arrived.  Because I wasn't in a hurry today I decided to sit just out of sight from Piccolo in the hopes that he would come out to eat while I was close by.  And he did after about 15 or 20 minutes. 

I had bowls placed in different spots but what surprised me is he chose to eat from the bowl closest to me because it had the dry food.  I could have leaned forward and almost touched Piccolo while he ate he was so close.

I sat quietly while he ate occasionally saying a few words.  He ate until his tummy was full then saundered off through the hole in the wall and back into the lumberyard.

I feel I made a wee bit of progress with him today by letting him know he could trust me and I think he is beginning to.  The entire time he was eating he only glanced at me a few times.

This Wednesday I will be trying to trap Piccolo so that he can go in to be neutered.  I just hope he will be there.  Shhhhhh.....don't tell him.

Still no signs of either Jazz or Que at the other location.

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