Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Uncooperative Piccolo

Today I was to trap Piccolo so that he could go in for his snip snip, aka neutering.

When I arrived to feed the East Side Gand there was no sign of Piccolo but the other kitties wanted food so they got their brekky and then I got myself comfy and waited.  And waited.  About 30 minutes later Piccolo made an appearance.  

I had to run back to my van to get the trap.  It's a long way from where I park to where I feed.  Of course when I returned no Piccolo but I set everything up and resumed my card game on my iPad.  Another half hour went by and Piccolo came out from the lumberyard.  He could smell food so I was hopeful.  
My fingers were crossed Piccolo
would goin

For the past few weeks I have been feeding Piccolo in the spot that I had planned to put the trap.  Piccolo walked towards the trap and my heart began to race, as it always does when I'm trapping cats.  He walked up to the trap but didn't seem to be the least bit interested in the food.  He hardly looked in the direction of the two food dishes.
C'mon Piccolo.  In ya go.

He walked around behind the feeding shelters and made himself comfortable in the straw on the sleeping shelters.  I continued to play cards while trying to watch him out of the corner of my eye.
Seems he's not too interested in eating

Eventually, maybe 20 minutes later, he walked behind the feeding shelters again and over to the trap, stopped under the raised trap door but again didn't even glance in the direction of the food.  Arghhhhhhhhh......  Then he walked away, under the opening in the wall and disappeared into the lumberyard.

I waited and waited hoping he would come out again but no.  I decided to run home for a bite of lunch and then go back as soon as I was done.  

This afternoon I only saw the raccoon who was attracted by the stinky smell of the sardines I brought with me.  I ended up giving her a large handful of the dry cat food away from the cats area.  Doodle and Spirit where making moves on the sardines in the trap so I had to give each of the a few bites.  

After an hour and a half and no Piccolo I packed it in and headed to the garden centre.  When I was poking around I saw a sign that indicated there was a birds nest on the top shelf.  The picture is not that great but a robin has built her nest in the plants on the top of the rack. I think it's great the Loblaws garden centre is going to allow the nest to stay.

Mrs. Robin on her nest
The above picture isn't great but if you look closely you will see Mrs Robin's above the middle plant tag.  Good luck little bird. I hope the customers are as kind as the staff and allow you to raise your family without too much disturbance.

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