Thursday, May 1, 2014

The joys of TNR

Yesterday the plan was for me to try trapping Piccolo so he could participate in a spay/neuter clinic.  I got a trap from Robin a few days before, spent 20 plus minutes orienting myself to this unfamiliar trap and collecting the items needed.  The weather wasn't that great but it could certainly have been worse.  My thought was to try to trap Piccolo early afternoon so he wouldn't have to spend too much time in the trap in the back of my van before being delivered to the clinic around 5 pm.

Piccolo has been around everyday for the past week and I feel he has decided to make his home with the East Side Gang.  They don't seem to be upset that this handsome orange and white fellow is hanging around and of course I am already madly in love with him.

It was overcast yesterday with a threat of more rain.  However it wasn't raining when I arrived to feed the other kitties.  Ollie, Jag, Spirit and Doodle all came out to eat but no Piccolo.  I made myself comfortable sitting on a board that I use as a shelter for Spirit to eat under.  I was pretty sure Piccolo was around but maybe he was waiting for me to leave.  He usually comes out but keeps his distance.  I sat and sat and sat waiting.  No Piccolo.  I had my iPad so played card games while I waited.  Then it started to spit so I leaned forward protecting my iPad from the rain while I continued to wait.  After an hour of waiting and no signs of Piccolo I decided to pack it in.

This morning I went early to feed, but no Piccolo.  The other four kitties all came out for brekkie.  Later this afternoon I went back again to feed and could tell Rachel Raccoon had been by to devour any food remaining from this morning.  All the kitties ate well this afternoon and I hung around for about 45 minutes to see if there was any chance Piccolo would show up.  No luck.  Piccolo is off doing what unneutered boy cats do.  He will return and I hope to trap him when he returns.

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  1. He's too smart! I do hope you can capture him and haul him in for neutering. He needs that. You do such a wonderful job with your ferals.