Monday, May 5, 2014

The end of a colony.......?

Last October Tess died after being hit by a vehicle early in the morning.  Since then whenever I would see Jazz, her best buddy, he cried and cried.  In the eleven years prior I never heard a single meow from him so I feel he was mourning the loss and of course that broke my heart.

Que and Jazz are litter mates and were about 5 months old when I began feeding the Logan Gang in November 2002, along with a number of other kitties, including Tess.

Now that Tess is gone Jazz seems to have stopped coming to the feeding shelter and has not been using the nearby sleeping shelters he shared with Tess.  Even though I never saw it, I know the two of them curled up together in the shelter to sleep during the winter months.

Que has never been neutered so he continues to roam but he always returns after a few weeks.  I haven't seen either of the boys for a month and all evidence points to the fact that a raccoon is enjoying the food and water.

The plan had always been to care for the kitties until there were no more kitties and now I wonder if I'm at that point.  Are the two boys still around but have moved to new locations.....  My fingers are crossed they will both return.   Every morning I pull up beside their feeding shelter looking for them.  I still leave fresh food and water just incase.

The feeding shelter is waiting for them to return.  I miss them.

I hope one day soon to be ble to report back that they have returned.

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  1. It's so hard caring for ferals and this is the reason why. If they stop coming to the feeding area you often never know what happened. It's heartbreaking. I hope they do return soon. Deb